EXP Eggs are a special type of resource, but categorized as hero. It has some similarity to Heroes, but does not function like one. Their only purpose is to be fused with other heroes to increase their EXP.

EXP Eggs can be level up just like any other heroes. They have the same experience level progression like a hero does. Leveling up an EXP Egg is just like storing EXP into it, so that the next time it is fused, it'll award all its stored EXP, plus its own EXP bonus to the hero that it is fused with.

Comparing to the heroes of the same color/rarity, Purple and Gold Eggs can give slightly more EXP than a Rare/Epic hero when used in hero fusion.

Since they are technically not heroes, you cannot deploy them like one. They do not have HP or ATK.

Obtaining EXP EggsEdit

EXP Cards take up slots in Hero Vault just like any heroes. They can be obtained through:

  • Opening reward chests after a victorious attack in any mode.
  • Completing Daily Tasks.
  • Hired in the Hire Hero interface.
  • Reaching certain rank in Arena.
  • Buy from Mystic Shop.

Types of EXP EggsEdit

EXP Egg EXP Gain
Exp Egg1
Green EXP Egg 20
Exp Egg2
Blue EXP Egg 100
Exp Egg3
Purple EXP Egg 500
Epic Exp Egg
Gold EXP Egg 1500
Coral EXP Egg 7500
Glory Egg
Glory Egg


Mega Glory Egg


Newbie EXP Egg

Glory EggEdit

Glory eggs can be used to increase the Glory of a hero by 1,000,000,000, and can be used until a hero reaches a glory level of 6.

Mega Glory EggEdit

Mega Glory Eggs do the same thing as normal glory egg, only they can be used regardless of glory level!

Newbie EXP EggEdit

These eggs came from a dragon king bound by strong, ancient magic. Heroes below Lv 120 can fuse with this egg to earn 15,000 EXP. Heroes fused with Newbie EXP Eggs grant less EXP when fused with other Heroes or Magic Powder when salvaged.


  • There is no extra bonus for fusing other EXP Eggs to an EXP Egg to a high level before fusing with a hero. There will be no extra EXP bonus gained by the hero, other than the combined EXP of all Eggs fused. 
  • Glory is not transferable between heroes. Adding a hero with 3 glory to another same hero will not give that hero 4 glory. Only the actual hero being fused will count towards an extra glory point to the hero that it is being fused with, thus any glory it has will be wasted.